The Worlds Ultimate Citrus Fusion Liqueur
Infused with exotic citrus fruits collected from the far corners of the world, Mill Six breaks through the barriers of traditional liqueurs. The creation of Mill Six begins with the world's finest blood oranges and citrus peels, which are distilled in single copper pots with choice multigrain spirits and artisan water to create the world's ultimate citrus distillate base.

Next, a variety of all natural exotic citrus flavors including Lychee, Sudachi, and Yuzu, just to name a few, are layered into the citrus distillate base to create a highly complex, perfectly balanced citrus liqueur. It is these secret proprietary ingredients, coupled with a sophisticated layering process that gives Mill Six the complexity and opulence of an aged fine wine. The outcome is a refreshing balance of flavors that leaves the drinker with the lush, intense essence of the tropics... and wanting to experience it again and again.

Mill Six is small batch distilled, then blended to create a rich explosive burst of complex exotic citrus flavors, with an unparalleled smooth finish. Mill Six has a lush tropical aroma and an explosively fresh taste that can be enjoyed many ways, and is perfect for celebrating any occasion... or no occasion at all!

Mill Six is created in one of the world's premiere distilleries in Schiedam, Holland. Family-owned and operated since its inception in 1777, it's the unique combination of time-honored traditions and experience combined with state of the art distilling technology that makes this distillery the ideal place to create our one-of-a-kind liqueur.

Mill Six is the ideal citrus fusion liqueur for a Margarita, Citrus Martini, perfect straight up or on ice. It's so versatile that it works great in both sweet and dry cocktails. The discovery of Mill Six is the ever sought after key which unlocks the true potential of the cocktail world.

Enjoy Mill Six, The Worlds Ultimate Citrus Fusion Liqueur and make all your nights exotic...